Albert Mol as Queen Elizabeth

Adventures in cross-casting

Adventures in cross-casting is a concept which I developed together with writer-novelist Don Bloch as a commissioned exhibition for the > THEATER INSTITUUT NEDERLAND.

The original version consists of thirty photographs of personalities from the Dutch Theatre world in front and behind the scenes. They were invited to choose a role of the opposite sex that they would like to play for my camera which they most probably would never get a chance to play on stage because of their sex. With their talent as actors , the right costumes and make-up artist, Karin van Dijk this project succeeded. It was sponsored by the > Mondriaan Foundation of the Netherlands and the Theatere Institute.

The exhibition was designed by Jeroen de Vries.

In 1998 we published the book Adventures in cross-casting with text by Don Bloch.

In 1998 I was invited by Teatro Nacional San Martin in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to continue the transformation process with five Argentine actors.

This is a project which I still dream of continuing around the globe. It would be very revealing to see which roles are chosen by the different cultures of all continents.

The exhibition is available for hire via the Theater Institute based in Amsterdam. A video of the transformation process is available with the exhibition.