Luz de Fuego as Matheus Nachtergaele

'Adventures in Cross-Casting' Rio de Janeiro by Diana Blok
Tempo International Festival selected 10 reknowned artists to work on this project. Each actor chose a role of the opposite sex to impersonate and transform into, exclusively for Blok's camera. Camila Pitanga, Eliane Giardini, Evandro Mesquita, Michel Melamed, Bárbara Paz,Matheus Nachtergaele, Fernando Eiras, Bruna Lizmeyer, Guta Stresser and Álamo Faco.
The final photographs are exhibited on billboards along the coast of Rio de Janeiro stretching from Praia do Flamengo up till Recreio,(throughout the whole seashore), putting Diana Blok's project in a new light, with a public exposure extended to the thousands of people who walk along these famous broadwalks day and night.
The exhibit will be in the streets from October 14th till October 27th, 24 hours.

This project was supported by the Dutch Foundation for Performing Arts ( Fonds voor de Podium Kunsten)

TEMPO Festival, Rio de Janeiro 2014

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