Brother and Sister

Blood ties and other bonds

Blood ties and other Bonds was initiated in 1986 and published in book form in 1990.

It is an autonomous project born from an inner need to search my roots. Through making portraits of family and friends I could mirror myself by seeing them.

In the last part of the introduction to the book, Elena Poniatowska writes:

"Diana Blok describes herself as a studio photographer, always working inside without anything to distract her, within the protection of the studio with its lights and shadows, its enclosing walls, an empty concave in which the subjects stand out. Through the eye of the camera she explores not only her inner self but also her genealogical background. That she loves her subjects, understands them and knows how they walk and work one can see in her dedication. In the confindence with which they allow themselves to be portrayed, they put themselves in the hands of Diana Blok as if they were saying : "Take my soul, take my nudity." Blood ties and other Bonds, 1990

This project was supported by the > Foundation for the Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam