Las dos Fridas

Frida Kahlo

I discovered Frida Kahlo's work in the mid 70's while living in Mexico City. In 1988 I was invited by theater director Dea Koert to work with her on a trilogy based on Frida's life. It felt like a great privilege to be able to work inspired by the life and work of this outstanding personality. Her work was hardly recognized in Europe at that time and books on her work were hard to come by. Now, 16 years later, she is an icon growing into a myth.

These two years of research and realization of the project were extremely experimental for all of us involved in the project. The piece was called What the Water gave me.

I made use of straight photography, but also collage and painting over images. I painted over old photographs of people of Jucitan, Oaxaca , transforming strangers into Frida and her loved ones.

She becomes only spirit and her eyebrows the bird that frees the soul.

The images were finally projected on stage designed by Jeroen de Vries.