Invisible Forces (re-print)

Invisible Forces | Diana Blok & Marlo Broekmans 1979-1982

Diana Blok and Marlo Broekmans formed a unique photographic duo who developed into a well known body of work called Invisible Forces. They collaborated as a single artist from 1978 thru 1981. Historically it is the only example we know of two women photographers,with both their signatures on all prints.

Basing their work mainly on self-portraiture, they related totally in the conception and composition of ideas, sharing roles as director behind the camera and actress in front of it.They concurred in the darkroom as well as in the buisness of selling and distributing the final product. Invisible Forces was exhibited throughout the world, impacting the public as well as influencing many artists at the time.

As Hajo Corsten ( Fotografie Verlag, Berlin-1982) stated:

"I have been watching a new passion, a rather unique and rarely published vision that can be found in the work of various artists spread over the Western hemisphere and who most probably never heard of each other(he mentions Robert Mappelthorpe, George Dureau, Dieter Appelt, Luis Caballero amoung others). Yet their concern, their reason to create seems to be fueled by the same source: the notion that every human must die and the capablity to come to terms with this shock or to disarm it temporarily thru the most savage passions and sufferings, which is nothing less than trying to live the extremes".

This unusual partnership was not based on a political conviction like socialism or feminism, but on knowing each other's dreaams and thoughts; illogical and mystical, with love as the basic drive.