Boy with waterbottle and guitar

Possible Paradise - A visit to Suriname 2003

This project is a result of a 9 day visit to Suriname. In 2003 was invited by Ben Hurkmans, director of the Fund of Amateur Arts and Performing Arts to make a photographic journal of a major cultural event called Carifesta which Suriname was then hosting. Besides following the many events which took place, I found myself mostly interested in how the event was mirrored onto the people of Paramaribo in their daily lives. Due to this particular cultural festival the capital was visited by many people of different colors and creeds which make up the diverse population of this country. This made it possible for me to experience it's unique cultural diversity within a limited period of time.

In 2004 we published the book POSSIBLE PARADISE with text written by Surinam/Dutch writer Annette de Vries.

My journey was sponsored by the > Mondriaan Foundation of the Netherlands.

The publication was made possible with financial support of the > Fund for Amateur Arts and Performing Arts and the > Ministry of Foreign Affairs.