Close up of installation

Salt memories

This commissioned project was realized in 2001 as a special art project along the route of the North Sea Channel by Kunst en Cultuur Noord-Holland.

During my visit to Bonaire in 2000 I made a few hours of video material which had be left unedited. It was during the process of editing one year later, that I received this commission. It fit perfectly into the concept. This particular Drainage House in Ijmuiden the Spuisluis, houses the computers which control the levels of the water, but also separate the sweet from the salt waters. The gloves which the boy is wearing are salt, the pink, purple waters behind him are salt. The minature mountains are salt and the wind is the constant sound of the Leeward Islands. The installation is a combination of one still photograph of 6 x 5 meters outside, and inside the building the video projection.